Root Canal

Get Out Of Pain Now With Root Canal Therapy From Our Racine, WI Dentists

Root canals have an unfair reputation. Often referred to as excessively painful, they’re actually a solution to mouth pain! A root canal treatment from our Racine, WI dentists can bring your pain to an end and  save your tooth.

Our priority at North Bay Dental is preserving your original tooth. While we are equipped to safely perform oral surgery and extract your tooth, there are a number of reasons to save it:

  • Prevent your remaining teeth from trying to move into the empty space.
  • Save money by avoiding both an extraction and tooth replacement.
  • Take advantage of the shorter recovery time for a root canal.
  • Avoid the traumatic experience of losing a permanent tooth.

If you’re in pain, we can see you today! Call us at (262) 417-7326 to schedule your appointment.

Keep Your Natural Smile With Root Canal Therapy

Through regular dental exams and dental cleanings, our Racine, WI dentists can often catch a tooth in the earliest stages of tooth decay. When the damage reaches the root of your tooth, a root canal is necessary to treat the infection causing your pain. During this process our dentists will:

  • Gently remove bacteria and infected pulp from your tooth using special tools.
  • Fill the inside of your tooth with a special material to prevent re-infection.
  • Cover your tooth with a dental crown to protect your tooth following treatment.

Our dental crowns are natural-looking and feeling, so the only difference you’ll notice in your tooth is a lack of pain!

Get A Root Canal Free From Pain Or Anxiety

We always do everything possible to ensure that you have a pleasant experience at our office. You can be sure that we will never add to your pain – our job is to put an end to it! That’s why we have a variety of comfort options like a beverage station, blankets, and pillows.

But if you have dental anxiety, we understand that our commitment to comfort may not be enough to calm your nerves. If that’s the case, you can opt for inhaled sedation.” This safe sedation option will calm your nerves and help your anxiety melt away.

Don’t let your toothache destroy any more of your day. Call North Bay Dental at (262) 417-7326 to find out if you need a root canal.

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