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The term “surgery” might conjure up images of an operating room, anesthesia, and bed rest. But oral surgery is nowhere near that dramatic! In fact, it’s sometimes the best way to end pain and prevent future complications.

Our skilled Racine, WI dentists will give you the personal attention you need with the expertise you deserve, ensuring a no-fuss experience that will leave you feeling and looking better. Call North Bay Dental today at 262-417-7326. And if you’re in pain, don’t wait! We have same-day appointments for dental emergencies.

Have Your Tooth Extracted By A Dentist You Trust

If you need a simple tooth extraction, there’s no need to go to another dentist. Our Racine, WI dentists at North Bay Dental can perform your tooth removals at the same dental office where we do your dental cleanings and exams – with the same high level of care.

While our goal is always to save your tooth, sometimes oral surgery to remove it is necessary. A few instances that could require a tooth removal include:

  • Your tooth has such advanced decay that it cannot be saved
  • You want a full-mouth reconstruction with dental implants or dentures
  • You need to fix an overcrowded smile
  • Your wisdom teeth are coming in at an angle
  • Your wisdom teeth have only partially erupted
  • Your wisdom teeth are coming in beneath your other teeth

Avoid Pain And Dental Anxiety With Oral Surgery From Our Understanding Racine, WI Dentists

Our commitment to you is to get you out of pain and never to put you in it. Our expert dentists have over 40 years of combined experience and a patient-driven approach to care. We always make certain your mouth is numb before we perform an extraction and will ensure that you don’t feel a thing while we work.

Of course, just the idea of surgery can be intimidating! That’s why our office is designed to give you a low-stress experience. We have comfort options like pillows, blankets, and a beverage station. And if you still feel some dental anxiety, we’re happy to calm your nerves with safe inhaled sedation.

Call North Bay Dental at 262-417-7326 or contact us online to schedule your oral surgery appointment with a dentist you already trust.

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Video: Dr. Kemper on Oral Surgery at North Bay Dental in Racine, WI

Here at North Bay Dental, we offer a lot of different options when it comes to oral surgery. And the good thing is, we also offer different sedation options to make every oral surgery procedures comfortable as possible. Here's what you need to know about oral surgery - Call us at 262-417-7326 to make an appointment! To learn more about our practice in Racine, WI, visit our website at Follow us: