Restorative Dentistry Makes Chewing Easy Again!

Teeth change, but your needs don’t. You still need to smile, chew, and get through your day without pain. Restorative dentistry at North Bay Dental in Racine, WI can make your teeth reliable again. Strong again. Healthy again.

Our dentists, Dr. Reesman and Dr. Kemper have over 40 years of experience making teeth better. And their patients’ happy, healthy smiles are all the proof you need of their expertise. Make your appointment today by calling us at 262-417-7326.

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Any procedure that repairs or replaces your tooth is considered restorative dentistry. Restorative dentistry can benefit your smile with:

At your appointment with North Bay Dental, our doctors will listen to your concerns and how your teeth have been negatively affecting your life. They’ll then be able to recommend the procedure and treatments necessary to get your bite fully functional again.

What If I’ve Been Avoiding The Dentist?

If avoiding the dentist has led to disastrous results for your smile, North Bay Dental can help you overcome your dental anxiety, so you can turn the health of your teeth around with restorative dentistry.

We’ll take the nervous edge off your visit with nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is also called laughing gas because it will raise your spirits and reduce your stress. Warm blankets and fluffy pillows will keep you comfortable in our dental chair. We can even book you a longer appointment window, so our doctors have plenty of time to explain each step with you and you can feel in charge of the pace of your treatment.

Having a hard time chewing? Bring easy back. Call North Bay Dental at 262-417-7326 or use our online form to schedule your appointment.

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Free E-book

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