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Your Racine Dentists Show You What’s Normal And What Isn’t When It Comes To Thumb Sucking

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When you bring your child to North Bay Dental for their first dental visit, you’ll probably have a lot of questions – and so will your little one! Our Racine, WI dentists will be sure to give you all the answers you need. One of the most common concerns we encounter in pediatric dentistry is whether or not thumb sucking will negatively impact a child’s smile.

Read on to see how North Bay Dental can help you determine if your child’s thumb sucking is normal or if we need to address it. Then call us at 262-417-7326 to schedule an appointment.

Determine When You Should Be Concerned About Thumb Sucking

For the most part, thumb sucking is a perfectly normal way for children to comfort themselves. In fact, some infants have been found sucking their thumbs while still in the womb! As children grow and learn, they may find that they feel nervous when separated from parents and that thumb or finger sucking brings them comfort.

The good news is that most children simply grow out of the habit. Children are smart, and most will pick up on social cues and begin to limit the behavior themselves. But if your child continues it after age 4, the recommended age to begin discouraging the habit according to American Dental Association, it’s time to make some gentle changes.

Be Aware Of Consequences Of Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking – along with finger sucking and pacifier use – is primarily a concern for permanent teeth. As these erupt, their alignment can be impacted by sucking. Sucking can also affect the growth of the roof of your child’s mouth.

However, ifou yr child sucks their thumb aggressively, even baby teeth can be affected. Be sure to bring them to our office for consistent evaluations so that we can monitor their progress and help your child have a healthy mouth.

Schedule a visit with our Racine, WI dentists by calling 262-417-7326 to discuss methods for discouraging thumb sucking. We’ll help you come up with ways to positively guide your child into healthier coping mechanisms and a happier smile.

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Video: Dr. Reesman on Thumb Sucking at North Bay Dental in Racine, WI

For parents that are concerned about their child's thumb sucking, there is a way that the North Bay Dental can help. There are appliances that Dr. Reesman can provide. Thumb sucking: what’s normal, what’s not, and how to stop it. Learn more here - Call 262-417-7326 Today To Make Your Appointment! To learn more about our practice in Racine, WI, visit our website at Follow us: