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Upgrade Your Smile In One Visit To Our Racine, WI Dentist Office With Teeth Whitening

Dr. Reesman on Teeth Whitening Options at North Bay Dental Read Transcript

Sometimes all you need is a small change to make a huge difference. The right haircut or new glasses can make your face look younger or more attractive. And a few minutes of professional grade teeth whitening treatment from our Racine, WI dentists can give you a gorgeous grin.

Our customized whitening experience is great for your smile in a number of ways:

  • Professional-grade products mean a more dramatic result in less time than a drugstore whitening kit could provide. Your teeth could be six to 10 shades brighter, or even more!
  • Our customized trays will give you a consistent level of whitening across your smile.
  • Customized trays also protect your mouth from being irritated by whitening gel since they are designed to fit your teeth exactly.
  • Our dentists will expertly design your custom trays and supervise your in-office whitening to guard your teeth against sensitivity.

Call North Bay Dental at 262-417-7326 to schedule an appointment to discuss teeth whitening options.

Don’t Settle For Less Than The Best Teeth Whitening Experience

Zoom is the #1 most requested professional whitening treatment by patients, and it’s our whitening treatment of choice at North Bay Dental. Zoom in-office can lift stains and correct discoloration in less than an hour. But if you don’t have an hour to spare, you can get the same results over time in the comfort of your own home.

According to statistics, whiter and brighter teeth are what most people would choose to improve their smile. There are a number of ways cosmetic dentistry can improve your appearance, and sometimes a simple whitening treatment can give you a whole new look.

Call North Bay Dental today at 262-417-7326 to see how you can get a million dollar grin at a price that will make you smile with teeth whitening.

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Video: Dr. Reesman on Teeth Whitening Options at North Bay Dental in Racine, WI

There are two teeth whitening options that Dr. Reesman at North Bay Dental offers: one that can do at home, a whitening solution that you out everyday for a week or two, and the other one is an in-office whitening treatment called Zoom!, which takes about an hour in the office. Professional teeth whitening treatment with our doctors will give you safe, reliable results. Learn more here - Call 262-417-7326 Today To Make Your Appointment! To learn more about our practice in Racine, WI, visit our website at Follow us: