What’s Causing Sensitive Teeth?

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Do you sometimes experience aches or sharp pains in your mouth? Sensitive teeth can be a major problem that affect your everyday life. It can hurt to eat the food your love, especially if you’re sensitive to hot and cold sensations. While no set of teeth are the same, we can help resolve your problems with sensitive teeth at our Racine WI dental office.

North Bay Dental has an elite general dentistry practice that serves patients of all ages and dental complications. No problem is too big or small for us. We want to make sure you have a perfect, functional smile. You can call us today at 262-417-7326 to book you or your family’s first visit with us.

Today we want to highlight a few reasons you might be struggling with sensitive teeth. Your teeth shouldn’t hurt.

You Have Tooth Decay

Any level of tooth decay can cause sensitive teeth. But then again, depending on your body and pain tolerance, you might have a serious root infection and feel nothing. A deep cavity is typically accompanied by extreme nerve pain. This can debilitating, especially if the decay has reached the dental pulp. Cavities can typically be restored with tooth colored fillings, which match the color or your natural teeth. If the cavity has reached the dental pulp, you’ll likely need root canal therapy.

You have gum disease

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adult, and it’s extremely common. About half of all Americans 30 and older will struggle with gum disease, and that number shoots to about 70 percent for seniors 65 and older. Because gum disease can erode the gums and teeth, it makes sense that gum disease can cause tooth pain. The early signs of gum disease are bleeding and swollen gums.

Important note: The early stages of gum disease can be reversed, but advanced gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is not curable. If you have periodontitis, we’ll recommend visiting the dentist about once every three to four months for cleanings and exams.   

You grind or clench teeth

Grinding or clenching teeth is usually an involuntarily habit that occurs when we sleep. People who struggle with this habit often wake us with sore jaws or struggle with morning headaches. Additional clenching or grinding can wear down the teeth, increasing the risk of cracks and chips, and even increasing the risk of gum problems.

We’re offering a convenient oral appliance to help patients who grind or clench their teeth. The custom oral appliance prevents the teeth from coming together while you sleep. This will relieve the tension from the jaw and prevent damage to the teeth.

If you have sensitive teeth or aches and pain, you need to find a dentist ASAP. Give North Bay Dental a call today at 262-417-7326 to schedule a visit.  

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