Tooth Fillings Save Teeth, Time, & Money! [BLOG]

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It’s one of the most common restorative dental treatments you could ever need, yet many people don’t realize how beneficial tooth fillings are in keeping your mouth healthy and your smile looking its best.

Today, our team at North Bay Dental in Racine, WI wants to help you understand more about what tooth fillings can do for your smile!

Tooth Fillings Save Your Teeth, Time, & Money!

Many people make the mistake of brushing off a cavity, believing that it will stay at its current size or that it’s okay to ignore it as long as it doesn’t hurt.

But this way of thinking could turn out to be a pretty costly mistake for your smile, your pocket book, and your oral health!

Here are some ways that treating cavities with tooth fillings at North Bay Dental while they’re still small can save your teeth, time, and money!

*You Save The Tooth*

One of the reasons you want to treat cavities while they’re small is because the treatment is easier and can save the tooth from further decay.

Once the decay is carefully removed, you will have enough of the tooth’s healthy enamel for the filling to bond with firmly for many years.

Any good dentist will tell you that the ideal scenario in the face of dental problems to preserve as many of your own natural teeth as possible.

An untreated cavity that gets out of control should never be a reason to lose a natural tooth considering how easy it would be to fill.

*You Save Yourself From More Complicated Treatment*

Since you can’t always know you have a cavity, it’s important to get routine cleanings and exams. Dr. Reesman and our team can detect them early using advanced imaging so we can take care of quickly and easily.

If you’re not aware you have a cavity, or if you let a known cavity go too long without treatment, it will grow bigger and deeper.

This would lead to costlier treatment to have a dental crown made to fit over the tooth since you likely wouldn’t have enough healthy enamel left to bond with a standard filling.

*You Save Yourself From A Root Canal*

Even though root canals in our Racine, WI dental office are administered gently and comfortably, we know it’s better to try to avoid needing one in the first place.

That’s tough if you don’t get a cavity filled.

Since a cavity is essentially a hole in your tooth, bacteria has easier access to get inside your tooth and infect the dental pulp.

Typically, we would treat the infection with a root canal procedure, which is completed with a dental crown.

*Choose From 3 Types Of Tooth Fillings*

We don’t just care about preserving your oral health.

We want your smile to look great after treatment!

That’s why, rather than use silver metal fillings, we offer three different types of tooth-colored options so you don’t have to sacrifice appearance when you get treated for a cavity.

Choosing between our composite resin, porcelain, or ceramic filling options will all result in a seamless, beautiful smile and your oral health intact!

Call For An Appointment

Don’t put off getting a cavity filled thinking it will heal on its own.

You could be setting yourself up for more serious dental problems and costly treatments down the road.

We can give you a strong, lasting tooth filling so you can avoid all that, live pain-free, and keep your smile healthy!

Trust North Bay Dental for your restorative needs. Call our Racine, WI dental office today at 262-417-7326 or fill out our online form to schedule your treatment.

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