These Facts Will Change Your Mind About Root Canals

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We’re guessing even reading or hearing the phrase “root canal” makes you stir in your seat a little. After all, no one wants to be told that they need root canal treatment. In fact, our Racine Wisconsin dental team hates having to break that news to a patient. But at North Bay Dental, we offer pain-free and stress-free root canals.

So, we’ll ask that you reserve judgement about root canals for the next few minutes while we explain some of the facts behind root canal therapy.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is needed whenever an abscess or infection has reached the dental pulp or root of the tooth. The infection will heavily damage the tooth, and it’s possible for the infection to move to nearby teeth. Also, and most apparent to patients, an infection in the dental pulp can be extremely painful. For these reasons, we need to remove the infection and restore the tooth.

Here are some facts that you need to know about the treatment.

Root Canal Therapy Gets You Out of Pain

There is a misconception that root canal therapy is painful. Infection control and local anesthesia have come a long way over the years, and now we can complete root canal therapy will little to no discomfort. We have a number of ways to keep you comfortable, and we’ll use sedation dentistry if necessary to keep your visit calm and pain-free.  

Root canal therapy isn’t painful, but root or dental pulp infection can be extremely painful. The truth is that root canal therapy GETS YOU OUT OF PAIN.

You’ll Save the Tooth

Root canal therapy is seen as a way to save the tooth from extraction. When an infection reaches the dental pulp, we need to isolate the problem so it doesn’t spread to other teeth and try to save the tooth affected. Root canal therapy will do both of those things. Whenever a dentist tells you that you’ll need a root canal, you can either do nothing (risk that the infection spreads) or pull the tooth. Once the root canal therapy is finished, we’ll restore the tooth with a crown. Our dental crowns are lifelike and extremely functional. A great crown can last you years, if not a few decades, with proper care.

Root canal therapy is extremely successful

As we mentioned above, root canal therapy is the alternative to a dental extraction. Though root canal therapy is considered oral surgery, it’s not as risky as people think. Studies have found that root canal therapy is successful about 98 percent of the time. So, if you’re told you need a root canal, there is an overwhelming chance that it will be a success and that your tooth will stay functional for years to come.  

Don’t Let Your Mouth Fail

Root canal therapy and a crown is more expensive than an extraction … initially. But when the tooth is extracted, you may want a tooth replacement option. Additionally the jawbone beneath the tooth will regress, affecting the alignment of your health teeth. We hope these facts about root canal therapy have changed your perception about this procedure. When you come to North Bay Dental, we will work you through every aspect of the treatment before we begin anything.

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