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It’s important to never commoditize your oral health, but we understand that you need to seek affordable dental care. Nobody wants to be surprised about their dental bill. Our Racine WI dental office works with patients to ensure they are comfortable and have access to the care they need.

North Bay Dental has three different dentists and can work with patients to help them overcome cosmetic dental issues and even replace missing teeth. You can call our office today at 262-417-7326 to schedule your visits. Or use our online form to book an appointment. Today we want to show you a few ways you can receive great dental care on a budget.

Take advantage of dental insurance

About two-thirds of Americans have access to dental insurance. Dental insurance is truly a great tool for those who have minor dental needs. That includes dental cleanings and exams and the occasional restorative dentistry procedures. Here are some facts you need to know about dental insurance:

  • Most dental insurance providers give card holders an annual allotment to spend. The average annual allotment is $1,000 to $1,500.
  • Though you receive an annual allotment of money to spend on your smile, your insurance might not cover every procedure. AND, even if insurance does cover the procedure, you’ll likely still have to pay a portion of the bill.
  • Free cleanings and exams twice a year are often included as part of your dental insurance.
  • Dental insurance companies operate on a calendar year, but any money left over at the end of the year will not carry over into the next year. Most patients don’t know that until it’s too late!

At North Bay Dental, we work with patients to ensure that they are getting the most out of their dental insurance. Our front office has worked with various types of dental insurance companies, so we know the exact questions to ask and how to itemize your bill.

No dental insurance? No problem

Dental insurance will not cover every dental need. This is especially true if you need multiple dental treatments or need extensive treatments like a full-mouth reconstruction. We accept all major credit cards and carry special payment programs that allow you to break your dental bill into manageable monthly payments. CareCredit lets patients manage major dental bills with long-term zero-percent financing.

Additionally, we’re offering a special for X-rays and exams for just $49. This is a deal that will help you instantly save money on your dental treatment!

If you have dental insurance and haven’t scheduled your second visit of the year, call us right now at 262-417-7326. Or come see us to discuss your smile challenges and hear your options! We’d love to meet you and your family!

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Free E-book

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