Teething Tips For Peace & Joy This Season [BLOG]

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Your baby’s first Christmas makes this time of year even more magical than they already are. But depending on the timing, you might find yourself dealing with a teething child during the holidays.

This can rob you and your child of peace and joy that are supposed to come with the holiday season.

That’s why our team at North Bay Dental wants to give you some helpful tips for soothing your teething baby so you can enjoy all the wonderful things about Christmas time with your growing family.

Teething Can Rob Your Family’s Peace & Joy!

You’re probably aware by now that something’s wrong, and you think it’s all because it’s time for your baby to start teething. You may have even spotted a couple of teeth trying to break through.

But if that hasn’t happened yet, there are some common behaviors and symptoms that tell the teething story for your little one. Here are just a few of them:




-Constant Biting & Chewing

-Gum Soreness

-Loss Of Appetite

A teething baby is an unhappy one. But our team at North Bay Dental is here to offer some helpful tips to soothe your little one’s sore gums.

Magic On Ice

Depending on your baby’s age and stage of development, freezing certain foods could work in soothing their sore gums. The coldness will help to mildly numb the gum discomfort.

You can try turning their favorite baby food into little popsicles in the freezer as long as you closely watch as they bite on it. Or, if your baby isn’t ready for that yet, you can even freeze a soft burping cloth for them to chew on safely.

Common Teething Toys

When you shop for all the things your baby needs, it’s great to have many options. But sometimes, your choices can seem so endless, that it can feel overwhelming when trying to decide which is best.

This is true for all the teething toys you can now find on store shelves. You can find soft, squishy teething rings for babies who don’t seem to respond well to cold items. You might also invest in a baby toothbrush, which you can use to soothe their gums when needed.

The great part about all the choices in teething toys available in stores is that they’re very affordable, so you can try several to see what works without going broke.

Other Ways To Soothe Your Baby’s Gums

It doesn’t matter your baby’s age, it’s never too early for jewelry this Christmas! What we’re talking about are necklaces made specifically for teething babies.

You can freeze a teething necklace to help numb sore gums, and you don’t have to worry about the necklace falling out of their hands onto the floor. You could also use baby utensils the same way, clipping it to their onesie just like you would a pacifier.

Speaking of pacifiers, you can talk to someone on our team about whether this could be another source of gum soothing for your child.

Another resort is common numbing gel you find in drugstores. We can help you decide which one that’s safest for your baby, as well as give you some other tips when it seems you’ve exhausted all other strategies.

Restore Peace & Joy In Your House Now!

When your teething baby is in pain, it’s only way to express discomfort is through fussiness, and oftentimes, crying. That means your holiday nights will likely result in crankiness from everyone in the house. The sleep deprivation, frustration, and stress will make you and your baby miserable.

At North Bay Dental, we have a skilled, caring team who can help guide you and your child through the painful teething process and make sure your holiday peace, joy, and sanity remains intact.

Trust your child’s developing teeth stay strong and healthy. Call (262) 417-7326 or contact our dentist office in Racine, WI, with our online form if you have more questions or to make an appointment.


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