Here’s Why Your Dentures Don’t Fit

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Missing teeth or failing teeth can cause a number of dental problems in your mouth. Today many patients choose to replace missing teeth with dentures. Removable dentures are the most popular tooth replacement option because they are generally affordable and do restore a portion of your biting force.

At North Bay Dental in Racine WI, we provide our patients with lifelike dentures. You can call our dental practice today at 262-417-7326.

Sure, dentures have been used for years in dentistry, but that doesn’t mean they have to look fake. We’re proud to offer lifelike and beautiful dentures. We have other, more durable tooth replacement options, too, but we’ll have more on that later. The big issue with dentures is the fit. Loose dentures or ill-fitting dentures can make it difficult to eat or even cause sores.

Today we want to share some of the reasons your dentures don’t fit. Let’s examine the information below.

Your Dentures Can Warp

A good set of dentures can last about 5 to 7 years, but of course dentures can last much longer than this. A big part of the lifespan of dentures is the maintenance. In addition to keeping the dentures clean, it’s important to store them properly. Your dentures are meant to be kept moist, and if they are allowed to dry out, they may become brittle or change shape. To keep your dentures in good shape, remember to wash and clean them thoroughly and store them in a glass of water overnight. Additionally, never use hot water on your dentures (it could cause the dentures to change shape).

Your Jawbone is Changing Shape

Ever wonder why even good dentures will eventually fit differently? Part of the reason may be because the dentures is warp. Whenever the teeth are lost, the jawbone will begin to recede. The jawbone’s chief function is to hold your teeth, so when the teeth are lost, the jawbone will atrophy. The jawbone recession will make it difficult to find a good fit for removable dentures. Additionally, this change in the jawbone will cause you to develop wrinkles around the mouth, and many patients develop a sunken in look — as the distance between the chin and nose gets closer together.

Try Using Dental Implants to Stabilize Dentures

If you’re fed up with the way your dentures fit, our office can work to reline the dentures. Of course, we can only aline your dentures so many times until they need to be changed. Many patients come to use because they’re sick of their dentures and want something more. We can place a few dental implants around the mouth to stabilize the teeth. Dental implants nearly match the power of natural teeth, and they can last a lifetime with great care. Patients also love our dental implants because they allow you to eat whatever you want again.

Whatever your dental needs, our Racine WI dental office can help. We offer full-mouth reconstruction and cosmetic dental services to get you the smile you deserve. If you have more questions about your dentures, give us a call today at 262-417-7326 to book your visit.


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