Get Past Dental Anxiety And Keep Your Smile Healthy

Dental Anxiety 2 in Racine, WI at North Bay Dental

It’s normal to be worried or anxious about things as long as you can keep living a normal life. It’s when anxiety forces you to miss out on life that it becomes a problem. That’s true for your dental health as well. Dental anxiety is a real problem, and it can make you miss the treatments you need to keep your smile healthy.

By calling our Racine, WI dental office today at 262-417-7326, you can schedule your next appointment to include sedation dentistry. Dr. Reesman and Dr. Kemper are trained to offer nitrous oxide to help. Add in our comfort options and a dental team that treats you with warmth and respect, and you can finally get the dental care you need without too much anxiety.

Where Dental Anxiety Can Come From

Dental anxiety is common, so if you feel so anxious that you want to skip taking care of your teeth, you’re not alone.

A bad visit as a child: What happens when you are young can stick with you for your whole life. Even if you never had a bad dental experience as an adult, one of those when you were a child could give you dental anxiety today.

You hate not doing something: Many people (especially parents) are simply used to doing something and being in control. The idea of sitting back in the dentist’s chair and letting other people do all the work is really hard to tolerate.

It’s been way too long since your last visit: Sometimes, the anxiety is caused by what you don’t do. If you’ve skipped going to the dentist for a few years, you can have dental anxiety because you have no idea whether a dental exam will show everything is fine or very not fine.

You’ve heard stories about bad experiences: Stories are powerful things. If you saw a TV show, read a book, or listened to a friend talk about a bad dental experience, that can stick with you for a long time and give you dental anxiety.

How Sedation Dentistry Can Help

There are times when you just need to get over things. If you dread having to go to work on Mondays, you can either quit and start looking for a new job or just accept that you have to work to get paid. That’s fair.

But there are times when you can’t just “get over it.” That usually involved anxiety because it’s not exactly a conscious decision. The worry and concerns that come with dental anxiety can make you feel like avoiding our Racine, WI dental office no matter what.

That’s a really bad idea. As with many problems, something wrong with your teeth or gums will most likely get worse over time. That means you’ll have to pay more, endure more discomfort, and spend more time getting things taken care of down the line.

When you have dental anxiety, that’s easier said than done. That’s exactly why sedation dentistry exists. By offering some help to feel calm and relaxed during your dental appointment, you can finally get the dental care you need for healthy teeth and gums.

Sedation And Comfort Options For You

At North Bay Dental, you have two ways you can get past dental anxiety.

Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas. It’s a safe, quick, and effective form of dental sedation. When you come in, you’ll get a small mask that you wear over your nose. You breathe in nitrous oxide while sitting in the chair. Almost instantly, you’ll feel comfortable and worry-free.

Nitrous oxide is conscious sedation, meaning you will probably be awake and aware the whole time. That’s good because there are times with Dr. Reesman or Dr. Kemper needs to speak with you about what you feel in your mouth. But because nitrous oxide has such a calming effect, you will be happy sit back and let our dental team do all the hard work.

But you can also enjoy some comfort options to help you feel relaxed. A cozy blanket, a soft pillow, and a dental team that truly cares for you can all help you be comfortable during your appointment.

Call us today at 262-417-7326 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment with sedation dentistry. Don’t let dental anxiety make your teeth and gums suffer. With nitrous oxide and some comfort options, you can finally get the dental treatments you deserve.

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