Discreet Dental Restorations For A “New” Smile

Restorative Dentistry in Racine, WI at North Bay Dental

When you have teeth that are damaged or lost, your smile doesn’t look very good. Cavities or chips can make you wish you could hide your smile. The only thing worse is when you get dental work that stands out more than the original damage.

That’s why you need to call our Racine, WI dental office today at 262-417-7326 and make a new appointment. Dr. Kemper and Dr. Reesman are both highly trained in restorative dentistry that blends in with your smile. This way, you can get a healthy smile that’s also attractive.

When Restorative Dentistry Is Needed

The enamel on your teeth is actually very durable. It needs to be because you chew up your food many times every day for your whole life. But durable doesn’t mean it cannot be damaged. From sports injuries to bad luck, here are some problems where you can need a dental restoration:

  • Tooth decay (cavities)
  • Cracks in your enamel
  • Chipped teeth
  • Bad toothaches
  • Missing teeth

Why are these problems you need to fix? There are several reasons. First, they do not look good in your smile. When your smile has cosmetic problems like these, your self-esteem is lower and it’s harder to make a good first impression.

But these problems are not static. They tend to get worse over time. For example, that tiny, hairline crack in a tooth will likely grow longer and bigger. That’s because you still need to chew with those damaged teeth.

That’s why it’s important to call North Bay Dental today to make your next appointment. By staying on top of new research and treatments, our Racine dentists can help find the best dental restoration for your smile — and one that helps your smile look great.

Discreet Dental Restorations

Here are some of the restorative dentistry treatments available at our Racine, WI dental office that will repair and replace teeth while making your smile look so much better.


Again, your enamel is tough and durable. But sometimes, it can use a little help. If the enamel is chipped or cracked, you could have some sensitivity and discomfort when chewing, especially hot or cold foods. Such damage also makes it more likely you’ll get an infected tooth.

That’s where dental crowns can help. These are caps that fit snugly over damaged teeth. Your dental crowns will be made to look like the teeth they cover, but they’ll also be color-matched to your other teeth. This means you’ll make that damaged tooth stronger and safer but in a way that looks very natural.


Nothing sticks out in your smile quite like the dark space left by a lost tooth. When you smile or just talk to people, chances are they’ll see it immediately. Worse, that empty space is a problem for your dental health. Your other teeth start to move towards that gap, and you could start having TMJ pain.

Our Racine dentists can help with a non-surgical but effective solution called a dental bridge. Here, you’ll get a replacement tooth that looks and feels like a natural one. It’s held in that gap by bonding it to a pair of dental crowns placed over the teeth next to the gap.


For a longer-lasting replacement, you can get a dental implant instead. In this restorative dentistry treatment, a specialist will surgically place an artificial tooth root in your jawbone. Then you’ll come to our Racine dentists to have the replacement tooth connected to it.


Cavities are probably the most common dental problem in America. That’s because our diet is high in sugar and carbs, and these foods feed harmful bacteria that cause cavities. In the past, you would get a metal amalgam filling. It repairs the cavity, but it sure stands out in your white smile.

That’s why you can get a tooth-colored filling instead at our Racine, WI dental office. Composite resin, porcelain, or ceramic fillings can match the color of the tooth they repair. This way, you stop the cavity from growing but in a way that’s hard to notice.

Call us today at 262-417-7326 or use our convenient online form to make an appointment for discreet dental restorations. Dr. Kemper and Dr. Reesman understand that you deserve restorative dentistry that looks as good as it repairs.

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