Comprehensive Dentistry Solutions For All [BLOG]

Why not start the new year off the right way by finding a dental practice in Racine, WI that you can trust to handle your family’s ever-changing oral health needs in 2019 and beyond?

By offering comprehensive dentistry solutions, we strive to be exactly that place for everyone that walks through our doors. The dentists (along with the rest of our team) here at North Bay Dental have access to the sort of tools, training, and emerging technology that can keep your crew smiling big for years to come.

Importantly, we can introduce the youngest members of your family to preventive dentistry services that are pleasant and pain-free, and we can also help adults and seniors overcome major smile challenges such as missing teeth. Keep reading to hear more about how every member of your family can benefit form our care, and then call us at 262-417-7326 to request your next visit to our comfortable office.

Teach Your Children Well

It’s recommended that parents bring their children to our Racine, WI dentists’ office for a pediatric dentistry appointment as soon as they begin to get teeth, if not sooner. During those early appointments, we’ll be able to start assessing the development of the teeth and jawbone. And when they start to get a little older, we can begin to provide light dental cleanings and oral exams to help fight off tooth decay and gum disease. We also offer further preventive measures like fluoride treatments and dental sealants in our office, and we’ll be ready to provide orthodontic treatments when and if they are ever needed.   

Keep Your Family Smiling Through The Years

Few folks are blessed with perfectly shaped, evenly spaced teeth. And even those who are find that the years can be unkind. Teeth can become damaged quickly by unexpected accidents or slowly as the result of decay creating cavities. Regardless of what is amiss in your mouth, odds are good that we can set things straight with one of our comprehensive dentistry solutions.

At North Bay Dental We Offer Solutions For Every Smile

If a cavity should ever appear, we’ll stop the spread of that decay with tooth-colored dental fillings that are blended to match your natural smile and do not require the use of any metal whatsoever.

Our dental crowns are used to prepare broken teeth and teeth that have had root canals. We can provide crowns that are made from gold or even all-ceramic material. Depending on your situation, we can build a dental bridge, which consists of three or more crowns and it fills in the gap created by the missing tooth.

If anyone in your family has suffered tooth loss as an adult, we can quickly restore biting power, self-confidence, and more with a dental implant procedure. These are lifelike replacement teeth that are anchored in for a long-term fix.

Beyond that, we can always add beauty to any smile with a cosmetic treatment such as professional teeth whitening, bonding, or dental veneers (which cover up noticeable dental damage).

See What This Dentist Can Do For You

Well, now that you know some of what our team can do to keep your family’s oral health on track, what are you waiting for? Call us now at 262-417-7326 to request your next appointment at out Racine, WI dentists’ office, and make our comprehensive dentistry solutions a part of your life for many years to come.

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Free E-book

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