Choosing The Right Dentures For Your New Smile

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You may see choosing dentures as a little like ordering a bowl of oatmeal at breakfast. Unlike the all-you-can-eat breakfast bar, you don’t have that many choices – and those you do have are not exactly exciting.

But the alternative is worse — trying to chew, talk, and smile when you’re missing a lot of teeth. That can really make you feel old.

Thankfully, you can call our Racine, WI dental office today at 262-417-7326 and schedule an appointment for modern dentures. Traditional removable dentures are effective and more affordable, but you can also get immediate dentures and implant-secured dentures. But which is right for you?

Why You Need Dentures

You need dentures when you are missing teeth. That can happen at any time, but these get more likely when you get older. Here’s why you might lose teeth:

  • Severe tooth decay: Cavities keep getting bigger until you treat them. Because your enamel has no nerves in it, a cavity can grow so big (without you knowing it) that the tooth cannot be saved.
  • Gum disease: When gum disease progresses to an advanced stage, teeth your gums pull away from your teeth. Your jawbone also starts to deteriorate. This causes your teeth to loosen and fall out.
  • Dental extractions: There are times when you need to remove a tooth, such as when it gets too infected or damaged.
  • Injuries or accidents: Getting hit in the mouth from a sports injury or a car accident can break or knock out a tooth.If it’s just one tooth that’s gone, you can get a dental bridge or a dental implant to replace it. However, those cannot be used to replace a full arch of teeth. That’s when you need to call North Bay Dental and make an appointment for dentures.

    3 Types Of Dentures For You

    At our Racine, WI dental office, you can choose between three different kinds of dentures: traditional, immediate, and implant-secured. All three feature beautiful replacement teeth set in a gum-colored base, but they have important differences.


    This is what most people think about when they year “dentures.” They stick to your gums through suction and a nontoxic adhesive. Once your traditional dentures come back from a lab, our dentists will carefully and expertly fit them to your mouth. If you need a full arch of teeth replaced (all the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth), then full dentures are for you. But you can also get partial dentures to replace several missing teeth in a row.

    Both full dentures and partial dentures are removable. In fact, you’ll have to take them out each night to clean them and give your gums a rest.


    Normally, you have to wait until the lab finishes making your dentures before you can get them placed. If you don’t want to wait, immediate dentures allow you to leave our Racine, WI with a full set of teeth. This is the single biggest difference between immediate dentures and traditional dentures. Since it can take several weeks to make dentures, this is a big advantage.

    Some people opt to have new traditional dentures made instead of just tweaking the immediate dentures. If you do this, you can keep your immediate dentures as a spare that can be worn if your traditional dentures are ever damaged.


    With traditional dentures, there’s always a risk of them sliding around a bit or even falling out unexpectedly. Plus, all the pressure from biting is placed solely on your gums, which aren’t designed for that.

    That’s why implant-secured dentures are popular. The first step in getting these is getting dental implants, which are sturdy titanium rods placed in your jawbone to replace the roots of your missing teeth. Our dentists work closely with a trusted, local oral surgeon for this process.

    Once the dental implants have been placed and allowed to heal, you can determine which of two implant-supported denture options will work best for your needs.

    • A fixed implant-supported denture involves placing dentures permanently on top of those implants. You will care for the replacement teeth just like your other teeth; when more intensive cleaning is required, our dentists can remove your dentures and take care of this maintenance.
    • A removable implant-stabilized denture allows you to take your dentures out without help from our Racine dentists. The dentures literally snap into place when you are done cleaning them.

    Call us today at 262-417-7326 or use our convenient to schedule an appointment for dentures. Whether you get traditional, immediate, or implant-secured dentures, you’ll finally be able to chew and smile with confidence.


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