Avoid These Teeth Staining Foods & Drinks And Get Teeth Whitening! [BLOG]

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They say that moderation is the key to a balanced, healthy life. Sounds reasonable enough, right?

Then why is practicing moderation so hard, especially when it comes to food and drinks? Tough as it is, we know that we have to strike the right balance if we want to look and feel our best. And it’s not just your waistline where this philosophy matters.

Moderation is also important for maintaining a bright, healthy smile! If you were hoping for another bit of motivation to eat better, then today’s blog is for you!

At North Bay Dental, one of our most requested cosmetic treatments is teeth whitening. That’s because it’s an easy, affordable way to improve your smile and boost your confidence. It makes a huge difference in how we look on the outside, and how we feel about ourselves on the inside.

The best part is that it’s a painless, hassle-free way to dramatically enhance your appearance. No extra hours in the gym or thousands of dollars to a plastic surgeon required! And as a special favor to you, our team in Racine, WI is sharing another tip for keeping your smile its whitest and brightest at home. It’s all about what you eat and drink and how to practice moderation for those sparkling pearly whites!

Avoid These Teeth Staining Foods & Drinks

You don’t have to avoid these foods and drinks completely, but just be careful with how much you consume and how to lessen their colorful effects on your teeth when you do indulge!

Dark Salad Dressings

Dark salad dressing like balsamic vinegar, while delicious and good for you, is bad when it comes to the color of your teeth. It contains both dark pigments and oil, a combination that only makes it better able to stick to your teeth and leave stains behind. If you can’t enjoy a salad without its sweet goodness, then make sure to give your mouth a quick rinse after you eat!

Red Wine

That occasional glass of red wine may not be enough to stain your teeth dramatically, but an occasional glass every week over a good portion of your adult life can sure add up to dingy teeth. The dark red pigment and high sugar content be a disastrous combination for your teeth, but keep in mind it’s made all the easier to stain them because of the potential dehydration alcohol can cause. Without enough saliva, your teeth aren’t protected against the red coloring in the wine, so it’s best to drink it in moderation.

Blueberries & Blackberries

These are definitely a great choice when looking for a healthy snack, but you should know that blackberries and blueberries can stain your teeth because of their color and acidity. Acids eat away at your enamel and only make it more open to the dark pigments.

Dark Sauces Like Marinara 

As much as we wish it weren’t true, the high acidity and dark pigments in red pasta sauce can leave a lackluster smile in their wake. That is, of course, unless you practice moderation and rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth after your meal.

Coffee, Tea, & Soda

This will come as no surprise. Coffee, tea, and soda can all be smile saboteurs thanks to things like acidity, pigmentation, and lots of excess sweeteners. Again, moderation is key here. Rinsing or brushing after your morning coffee or afternoon tea helps, as well!

Get Teeth Whitening Treatment!

At North Bay Dental, you can erase years worth of Italian dinners, morning coffees, and cocktail party drinks with our professional teeth whitening treatment!

With our Zoom! whitening system, you have the option to whiten your smile several shades in a brief office visit or use take-home trays to whiten your smile at your own pace in the convenience and comfort of your living room

Whichever you choose, you can have the results you deserve and the brighter, more radiant smile you’ve always wanted. Don’t let the years of consuming dark food and drinks leave a stain on your appearance or your confidence. Turn it around in our Racine, WI dental office with our teeth whitening system!

Call North Bay Dental today at 262-417-7326 or use our online form to schedule an appointment.


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