A Guide To Soothing Your Teething Baby This Summer [BLOG]

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When packing a cooler for a day at the pool with your family this summer, you may need to load some special items for your baby to chew on.

That’s because your little one is teething, and it can be a pretty miserable time for them, and for you!

With help from Dr. Reesman and our team at North Bay Dental, however, you can get through this challenging phase in your baby’s life without losing your sanity! In our Racine, WI dental office, we offer solutions for teething tots so you don’t have to handle it alone.

Today, we’re sharing a quick guide to soothe your baby’s sore gums as you face the coming summer season.

A Guide To Soothing Your Teething Baby This Summer

Here are some tips to help soothe your child’s irritated gums that can come in extra handy during the hot summer months!

*Ice, Ice Baby*

The cooling effect of a frozen teething ring or a piece of frozen fruit can go a long way to soothing baby’s sore gums.

The specific food you choose will all depend on their current diet, of course, because this wouldn’t be a good idea if your baby isn’t on solid food yet.

If they aren’t ready for a piece of frozen fruit at the moment, you can also try using a clean burp cloth or bib in the meantime. Anything that’s tough enough to chew on but soft enough to not hurt their gums or break apart can help ease the tenderness.

*Good Vibrations*

Have you ever wondered why a baby can easily drift off to sleep to the sound of a gentle hum?

Laying them on your chest and humming a tune, running the vacuum cleaner, or loading them into their car seat for a few trips around the block in the middle of the night.

You may have tried one of these at some point.

That’s because various levels of vibration can serve as a sort of hypnotic sleep aid. The same is true for the kind of comfort they find in vibrations on their gums.

Try using a vibrating teether when your baby’s gums are extra sensitive. If you can keep the teether cold, that could help even more.

*Other Cooling Tricks*

One of the most recent trends among parents of teething babies are amber necklaces. These are great because they stay on your child and allow them to not only learn the very early stages of self-soothing, but they also control the extra drooling.

You can also try keeping a metal baby spoon in the freezer so you can grab it quickly as needed.

Another tried and true teething tip is with age-appropriate soothing gel for their gums. You can visit Dr. Reesman at North Bay Dental to find out which is best for your child and to learn more tricks of the teething trade!

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It’s enough of a struggle to keep yourself cool in the heat of the summer, not to mention when you have a fussy baby on your hands. It can be easier to handle it when you understand more about why your baby is acting out of sorts because of teething. An awareness of the common signs, symptoms, and soothing tips will keep everyone in your family cool, calm, and happy this summer.

If you’d like some extra help or have questions about this stage in your child’s dental development, visit our kid-friendly team at Trust North Bay Dental.

Call our Racine, WI dental office today at 262-417-7326 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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