4 Ways ClearCorrect Works For Your Smile

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Almost everyone has their adult teeth show up crooked and misaligned. That’s just how it works — getting your permanent teeth is a messy process. But these teeth have mostly stopped moving by the early teenage years, which is why so many teens get orthodontic treatments like braces. That’s also why people associate braces with teenagers.

Then what do you do as an adult with crooked teeth? You need orthodontics, but braces look weird on an adult’s smile. Ignoring your crooked smile will just make things worse.

That’s why you need to call our Racine, WI dental office today at 262-417-7326 and schedule an appointment for ClearCorrect. This is a modern orthodontic treatment that will gently reposition your teeth but without any unsightly metal or wires. That’s right — you can get orthodontics without braces!

ClearCorrect Is Great For Adults

Adults can have crooked teeth and misaligned smiles. Here’s why:

Your teeth keep moving: It’s a myth that your teeth are locked in position when you’re grown up. It’s not like your teeth can move a lot, but decades of chewing repeatedly each day can slowly nudge your teeth out of alignment. That’s why so many adults have small gaps between their teeth that they never had before.

Not everyone gets braces as a teen: While many teens get braces, not everyone does. Sometimes, the cost is too much. Teens can have teeth that are mostly straight, so parents decide orthodontics aren’t necessary. Others don’t want the social problems that come with metal braces.

Accidents can happen: Teenagers will have a crooked smile because that’s how their permanent teeth came in. But adults have their own problems, often due to accidents and injuries. Hockey injuries, car accidents, and more can slam into your teeth and make them move out of alignment.

It’s More Than Just Straight Teeth With ClearCorrect

That’s where ClearCorrect comes to the rescue. This modern orthodontic treatment gets rid of metal brackets and wires. Instead, you’ll get a series of clear plastic mouthguards. They fit over your teeth, and their shape gently guides your teeth to where they should be. The ClearCorrect results are the same as with braces.

But there are other benefits as well.

1. ClearCorrect is practically invisible when worn.

One of the biggest reasons adults don’t want braces is how they look. No one wants shiny metal on their smile, but teens get away with it because braces are typical on teens. That’s very not true for adults; metal braces look out of place with an adult.

Call our Racine, WI dental office today at 262-417-7326 to make your first ClearCorrect appointment. Because it’s made from clear plastic, ClearCorrect is almost invisible when worn.

2. ClearCorrect won’t leave you with stained teeth.

To get the metal brackets securely on your teeth, you’ll need to use cement. While that works well for repositioning your teeth, there’s always a chance that the cement ends up staining your teeth.

When you call North Bay Dental for ClearCorrect, you’ll be getting an orthodontic treatment that will not stain your teeth. That’s because there is nothing being stuck to them. The clear trays slip right over your teeth.

3. ClearCorrect is over with much sooner.

All orthodontic treatments have to take their time. You can yank teeth around your mouth. They need to be slowly guided to where they belong. With traditional braces, that process can take 2-3 years. You’ll be wearing metal and wire on your smile for the whole time.

ClearCorrect is very different. Call our Racine, WI dental office today and you can be finished with ClearCorrect in around one year. That can save you 1-2 years!

4. ClearCorrect does not require skipping any foods.

All the metal and wire that come with braces can be damaged by tough, chewy foods. And any sticky foods can get stuck on the braces, increasing your chance of tooth decay. That’s why you can’t eat pretzels, chew gum, and more with braces.

That’s why you need to call North Bay Dental today for ClearCorrect. These can be taken out of your mouth whenever it’s time to eat. That means there are no food restrictions with this orthodontic treatment.

Call us today at 262-417-7326 or use our convenient to schedule your first appointment for ClearCorrect. Dr. Reesman is both well trained and experienced in this modern orthodontic treatment. Finally, even adults can get the straight smiles they deserve.

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