3 Ways To Treat Tooth Decay That Keep Your Smile Bright [BLOG]

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For anyone who thinks dental fillings haven’t changed, today’s blog is for you!

At North Bay Dental, we can treat your cavity in a way that keeps your bright smile intact with our three tooth-colored fillings options in our Racine, WI dental office!

3 Ways To Avoid Tooth Decay

You should always err on the side of prevention when it comes to tooth decay. Cavities don’t always come with pain, so the longer you go with the cavity, the more your teeth and oral health are at risk.

So here are three ways you can avoid tooth decay:

*Avoid too much sugar!

*Brush your teeth twice daily and floss once daily!

*Maintain at least two cleanings and exams per year in our Racine, WI dental office!

These are tried and true mouth-healthy habits everyone should practice to avoid tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

3 Ways To Treat It When You Can’t

With all that daily diligence to keeping your mouth healthy, we wish we could tell you that cavities can always be avoided.

But they can’t.

The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice your appearance just to preserve the health of a tooth. Here are three options that can be matched to your own healthy teeth so no one will even know it’s a filling!

*Composite, Porcelain, & Ceramic Fillings*

These have been rising in popularity in the last several years, and with how seamlessly they blend in with your smile, it’s easy to understand why!

Silver fillings can be dark, and especially distracting depending on the location of your cavity. One of your front molars in close enough to be noticeable with you smile.

Most people don’t want to worry about that!

These are each strong, beautiful materials that get the job done in sealing up a decayed area after it’s been treated, and they protect your teeth from future problems.

*One More Way To Treat A Cavity*

A cavity that’s given enough time can grow wider and deeper.

When that happens, you risk losing any healthy enamel that’s needed to bond to a standard filling.

So as it turns out, there’s actually one more way to treat a cavity and still keep your bright smile!

A dental crown can be used as a stand-in when a regular dental fillings won’t work.

Crowns look, work, and feel like natural teeth, so it will blend in nicely with the rest of your smile and keep your tooth protected.

Make An Appointment

You can have peace of mind knowing that tooth decay doesn’t have to mean you can wave goodbye to your lovely smile.

If we see you on a regular basis, we’re able to catch cavities early. This allows us to treat it right away before it becomes a problem.

When that happens, we can offer three types of fillings that will match the rest of your teeth so it won’t stand out and draw negative attention.

You can keep smiling and know your mouth is healthy.

Trust your restorative needs to our team at North Bay Dental! Call our Racine, WI dental office at (262) 417-7326 or fill out our online form if you have more questions or to make an appointment.

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