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is available. There may be some pre-medication that’s available to help get rid of that extra little tension that someone might have. Nice, soft neck pillows, we have those available; they help out many people. Sometimes, we can mess up the face a little bit, get a little impression material around the lips. We have hot towels people use. We try to keep people comfortable, hopefully nice music that everybody likes. ” title=”Dr. Reesman on the comfort items at the office” title_style=”middle”] At North Bay Dental in Racine, WI, we listen to you closely so we can give you the high-quality dental care you deserve. For general dentistry and more, choose North Bay Dental.

Schedule an appointment and let us cater to you. Call us at 262-599-6229.

One Dentist Office For The Whole Family

At North Bay Dental, seeing children makes us smile! We’re the right choice for your family dentistry needs and welcome children of all ages to our dental office. We have a treasure chest full of toys for the little ones and vibrating chairs for Mom and Dad.

We do everything from pediatric dentistry to full-mouth reconstructions. Whether you need a dentist to look at your child’s first teeth or one who can give you an entire set of new teeth, Dr. Reesman and Dr. Kemper are the dentists for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry & General Dentistry At One Office

Our doctors might be the dentists you see every six months for your dental checkups, but they can also be the dentists you see when you want to treat yourself to cosmetic dentistry.

Our smiles can play such an important role in our self-esteem, the relationships we pursue, and the steps we take in our career. So, it’s no surprise that you might be interested in a little more than general dentistry to keep your smile in top condition. Our doctors can enhance your smile with teeth whitening or dental veneers and treat a gummy smile with non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

Get Rid Of Pain With Restorative Dentistry & TMJ Treatment

Our doctors hate to see people in pain. It’s why they volunteer for the Health Care Network every month providing dental care to lower-income families. It’s why North Bay Dental will get you in same-day during a dental emergency. And it’s why we offer restorative dentistry and TMJ treatment.

Be exacting in your health care choices. Choose North Bay Dental. Call us today at 262-599-6229 or use our easy online form – a friendly member of our team can’t wait to help you schedule your appointment!

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